Sunday, July 18, 2021

#CozyDayswithFRNK: Experience The Art in Breakfast with the New Warm Drinks Series, Fuji Kukki and Overnight Oats by FRNK Milk Bar

You've heard it before, a healthy and nutritious breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your day. Your first meal of the day, breakfast can make or break your day. FRNK Milk Bar sets it right with their new tasty and flavorful breakfast offerings...

FRNK Milk Bar presents The Art in Breakfast with their healthy and flavorful offerings for the month like the new plant-based Warm Drinks Series, Fuji Kukki and Overnight Oats. As the mad and hectic rush at the start of the week creeps back even in this new normal, take a pause and slow down and choose a healthy breakfast to start your day right. 

The new Warm Drinks Series by FRNK Milk Bar offer refreshing plant-based alternatives with low-calorie, coffee-free and non-dairy milk to get you on the right track. FRNK Milk Bar offers three variants, the Cinnamon Coconut Miruku, Maccha Coconut Miruku and Kokoa Coconut Miruku delivering rich and full flavors with every sip. And that's without coffee or cream.  

That day, I sampled the Kokoa Coconut Miruku and Maccha Coconut Miruku to start my own day right. The indulgently rich and deep notes of 10% Dark Chocolate drapes the palate like a comforting hug, followed by the creamy finish of plant-based coconut milk. The bold flavors of premium and authentic Maccha Green Tea flown in from Uji in Kyoto is the predominant flavor profile in the Maccha Coconut Miruku with its earthy sweetness rounded out with the creamy plant-based milk for seamlessly balanced flavors. That's cozy mornings defined with each cup from FRNK Milk Bar's new Warm Drink Series. And don't worry about the calories too. 

Love cinnamon? Try the Cinnamon Coconut Miruku with its blend of Uji Kyoto Cinnamon Black Tea and Coconut Milk

You can also customize your refreshing FRNK Milk Bar Craft Drink with their unique Milk-Swap options like Non-Fat Milk, Macadamia Milk, Brown Rice Milk, Almond Milk and their new Pistachio Milk for that distinct creamy and buttery finish that's absolutely dairy-free. 

Complete your cozy morning experience with a Japanese inspired cookie pairing for that perfect start with the new Fuji Kukki. Inspired by the iconic shape of Mount Fuji, the shortbread cookie is a bite-sized gluten-free cookie with a delectable crumbly texture and buttery richness that's perfect with the new Warm Drinks Series by FRNK Milk Bar. Just add P 25 with your purchase of FRNK Milk Bar's Craft Drink. 

Dipped in white sweetened sauce to recreate the snow-capped feature of Mount Fuji, these tasty cookies are just what you need for that cozy day start at FRNK Milk Bar. 

Cozy days with FRNK Milk Bar just gets better with even more breakfast offerings...

...with the new FRNK Overnight Oats. Packed with protein and fiber, the health benefits of rolled oats have been well-known and documented. But FRNK Milk Bar takes it to a whole new and flavorful level with their new breakfast offerings. 

The new FRNK Overnight Oats are available in two flavors, the Ichigo Overnight Oats and the Kokoa Overnight Oats. Imagine velvety smooth layers of chia pudding, rolled oats and soy milk topped with fruits or nuts, the new FRNK Overnight Oats is the perfect way to get your day started on a healthier note.

Soaked overnight in soy milk, the oats deliver a creamy richness with each bite differentiating it from the usual oats. The Ichigo Overnight Oats features strawberry jam, cranberries, soya milk and maple sauce on chia pudding and rolled oats for that sweet and tart burst of flavors...

...while the Kokoa Overnight Oats offers layers of rolled oats with cocoa, sunflower seeds, soya milk and maple sauce on soft chia pudding. The comforting and deep flavors of chocolate come through followed by the nutty and creamy finish of soy milk. Chocolate or berries, these new FRNK Overnight Oats pack all the vibrant flavors, protein and fiber without the excessive sweetness or calories for that perfect start. 

The sweeping changes due to the quarantine experience continues to make its impact on our daily routine, and new consumer habits like dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage are just some of the enduring reminders of a difficult and challenging year. Healthy options and choices sets FRNK Milk Bar apart from the usual offerings and with health now a primary concern, it just makes a whole lot of sense to embark on a healthier lifestyle. And you can start it with FRNK Milk Bar. FRNK Milk Bar makes it easy for you to enjoy The Art in Breakfast with just a few taps on your mobile device. For your convenience, you can enjoy The Art in Breakfast by FRNK Milk Bar in your home or office, simply order direct via IG DM at @frnkmilkbar, Viber 0945 849 0929 or via GrabFood and FoodPanda

And here's even more cool news for those living in Greenhills. You can now enjoy the healthy offerings of FRNK Milk Bar at BLK513 in Greenhills with the innovative FRNK Milk Bar Digital Pop-Up. The concept is similar to a Cloud Kitchen where FRNK Milk Bar is essentially a restaurant inside BLK513 Greenhills Promenade (for more on BLK513, see my previous post, Welcome Back to The Dark Side: Presenting The New Low-Fat Chocolate Frozen Yogurt by BLK513). Now that's cool. 

After breakfast, why not indulge in some of FRNK Milk Bar's indulgent desserts from their Bake Bar? FRNK Milk Bar is also known for their flourless and gluten-free specialty baked treats like the Blueberry Tea Chizu Cake...

...with its vibrant colors. And yes, you can indulge and be healthy at the same time at FRNK Milk Bar. The specialty flourless chizu cake forms the base for this colorful creation topped with blue tea mousse and fresh blueberries for an elegant dessert. 

Have a bite and let it melt in your mouth releasing even more decadent notes. In true Japanese style, FRNK Milk Bar feeds the eyes before the palate for a complete sensory experience. 

In this new normal, your personal health is your first line of defense in a lingering pandemic. Take your first step with a healthy breakfast and enjoy The Art in Breakfast with the new offerings for the month from FRNK Milk Bar. 

FRNK Milk Bar has branches in SM North Edsa, Trinoma, Central Kitchen QC, Digital Pop-Up Greenhills Promenade (inside BLK513), SM Manila, Glorietta 3, Bonifacio High Street and Alabang Town Center. For more on FRNK Milk Bar, visit their FB Page at and IG Feed at @frnkmilkbar. You may also order directly through IG DM and Viber 0945 849 0929 or via GrabFood and Food Panda.

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