Friday, July 16, 2021

Breakfast Essentials: The Angus Beef Garlic Classic Style and Sundried Premium Beef Tapa by Tipsy Tapa

Everyone looks forward to a sumptuous weekend breakfast at home. The new normal may have blurred the lines somewhat but a good breakfast is still a much anticipated event. And when you have the Angus Beef Garlic Classic Style and Sundried Premium Beef Tapa from Tipsy Tapa, it's a feast that sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

Mention "comfort food" and everyone's favorite beef tapa pops up top-of-mind. The quarantine experience made us all rediscover the simple joys of enjoying a sumptuous breakfast at home as restrictions on mobility were enforced to curb the spread of the pandemic. The Angus Beef Garlic Classic Style and Sundried Premium Beef Tapa by Tipsy Tapa makes your breakfast or brunch or any meal at home even more special... 

Dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage are just some the enduring reminders of the quarantine experience with these changing consumer habits defining the new normal. What to serve at home becomes a daily exercise in creativity. But you can't go wrong with the traditional beef tapaTipsy Tapa elevates the much-loved breakfast all day staple using the finest and freshest ingredients and curing techniques such as sun drying for their specialty product offerings packed and sealed in 500 gram bags. Properly sealed from the elements, your orders arrive fresh and safe for your peace of mind. 

The Angus Beef Garlic Classic Style (P 500/500g bag) combines the rich savory notes of shredded premium beef with nutty garlic hints...

...while the Sundried Premium Beef Tapa (P 550/500g bag) offers thick slabs of beef delivering bold beefy flavors. Shredded or slabs, Tipsy Tapa packs all the beefy goodness you love with the Angus Beef Garlic Classic Style and Sundried Premium Beef Tapa variants. 

Tapa is tapa, right? Not so. Through the use of high quality beef, Tipsy Tapa transforms the popular breakfast fare of dried or cured beef into an elegant and satisfying meal when paired with the usual suspects of garlic fried rice and a sunny side-up. It's breakfasts like these that trigger comforting memories from simpler times, transporting your palate with familiar notes.  

The Angus Beef Garlic Classic Style offers savory flavors with tender thinly sliced shredded premium beef infused with the nutty hints of garlic to complement its beefy richness. The thin layers of fat adds both textural contrast and bold beefy flavors with each bite, draping the palate with an indulgent and unctuous finish. 

Great as is, the beefy notes punches through intensifying with each succeeding bite. But it becomes a real meal at home when paired with garlic fried rice and a sunny side-up.

Fork-tender and juicy with bold flavors paired with rice and egg, it's this combination that makes breakfasts at home special like a comforting hug to get you through another day in the new normal. 

Pair your Angus Beef Garlic Classic Style Tapa with a spiced vinegar dip to temper the beefy richness for that balanced finish or add some sweet and tart atsara or spicy kimchi to the plate for even more vibrant layers of flavors. Fry it until crisp, or sear lightly for that tender melt-in-your-mouth finish.

The Angus Beef Garlic Classic Style Tapa is also versatile, try adding it on toasted crusty bread draped with cheese for a unique local spin on the Philly Cheesesteak. Be creative, and explore different ways to enjoy your Angus Beef Garlic Classic Style Tapa from Tipsy Tapa.

The Sundried Premium Beef Tapa by Tipsy Tapa is a more traditional variant with slabs of beef sundried for that distinct texture. The flavors are much deeper and more pronounced, delivering a burst of beefy notes. 

The thick slabs have a firmer yet tender bite due to the sundried process, not unlike jerky but much more succulent. Depending on how you like your beef tapa, you can go for a crisp chewy finish or a lightly seared and juicy texture.  

The lightly charred edges not only add texture but loads of rich flavors. And just like the Angus Beef Garlic Classic Style Tapa, pair your Sundried Premium Beef Tapa with garlic fried rice and egg for that perfect homestyle breakfast any time of day. 

Both the Angus Beef Garlic Classic Style Tapa and Sundried Premium Beef Tapa are the perfect addition to your home provisions, and it's a good idea to stock-up on these Tipsy Tapa offerings in the freezer for fuss-free and easy meals at home. Not just breakfast essentials, it's your go-to meal at home in the new normal. 

The new normal is here to stay, and dining at home along with food deliveries and increased online usage will continue to remain enduring new consumer habits from the quarantine experience. Tipsy Tapa makes dining at home both satisfying and special with their beef tapa offerings. Breakfast for lunch or dinner at home with the Angus Beef Garlic Classic Style or Sundried Premium Beef Tapa? That works for me...

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