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Taiwan in the Metro: The King, Taiker, Chee-Z and Hot Chick at Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken

Authentic Taiwanese style chicken chop in the metro? You bet. And you'll find it at Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken...

Named after Taiwan's traditional and oldest district where the local food culture continues to thrive with influences from various cuisines, Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken takes their best-selling specialties to the metro with four stores serving their iconic chicken chop and soothing milk teas. 

From Taiwan to Manila, Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken now has four locations to satisfy your cravings for authentic Taiwanese style chicken chops. Taiwanese flair and ingenuity have taken the popular fried chicken and transformed it by pounding it flat, battered and deep-fried making it their very own. It's chicken the way we love it, tender and juicy inside with the delicately crisp outer layer. Much larger than the usual cutlet, the Taiwanese chicken chop has been a mainstay of Taiwanese street food and markets. And now you can experience one of the best straight from Taiwan right here at Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken.

A part of the Vikings Group of Companies, the same group behind Tong Yang (more on my post here at Rain or Shine, It's Always Hot Pot Weather at Tong Yang Grill & Shabu Shabu at SM Megamall), The Alley by Vikings (see my previous post here at #FoodHallYouCan: The Buffet Dining Experience in the New Normal at The Alley by Vikings at BGC) and Eatogether Food Hall (see more on my post, #EatsAllHere: Eat Together Once More at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings at SM Megamall), Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken is the latest addition to their growing portfolio of dining concepts. 

Located at the Lower Ground Floor of Mega A at SM Megamall, Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken serves four specialty variants of their popular chicken chop along with six tasty sides and four refreshing milk teas. 

Following all the latest health and safety protocols, all your orders are prepared fresh and hot. Or if you prefer to dine at home, no worries. Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken also delivers via, simply click the link

...and your order will soon be on its way to your doorstep. The sweeping changes from the quarantine experience continues to impact our daily routine with dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage as some of the emerging consumer habits defining a challenging year. Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken has adapted to these new consumer habits by offering pick-up and delivery options with just a few taps on your mobile device.

Dine-in, pick-up or delivery, the specialty offerings of Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken gives you a fresh and crisp taste of Taiwanese street food culture for a sumptuous meal or snack. 

Pair your crisp and juicy slab of chicken with one of six appetizing sides like the crisp Fried Chicken Skin (P 89)...  

...or the Fried King Oyster Mushroom (P 90), with succulent mushrooms battered and deep-fried to crispy perfection. Other equally tasty options include Fried Broccoli (P 90), Signature Fries (P 88), Fries with Plum Powder (P 88) and Seaweed Fries (P 88). 

With your crisp and crunchy appetizers, you're ready for the specialty chicken of Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken starting with The King (P 189), an impressive slab of chicken pounded until tender, battered and deep-fried...

...finished by a generous sprinkling of salt & pepper seasoning. It's the classic recreation of the popular street food staple by one of Taiwan's leading chains, an enormous slab of fried chicken that's juicy and crunchy with a size guaranteed to satisfy any appetite. A slab this big makes it a serious snack or even a meal. If you're really hungry, pair your chicken chop with Monga Rice (P 15). As is, The King is pure chicken perfection combining both flavor and textural contrasts with each bite.

You don't need any sauce at all with The King. In true Taiwanese style, each slab is generously seasoned delivering all the rich notes to complement the delicate flavors of the juicy chicken. And Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken does a masterful job from the fresh and savory flavors all the way to that specialty crunch. 

If you're after some spice, here's one that will fire up your palate. The Hot Chick (P 189) is a savory and spicy number drizzled with homemade chili powder for that bold yet soothing heat.

Sprinkled with chili powder giving it a deep red shade versus The King, the distinct color provides a clue on the level of heat with the Hot Chick. One bite doesn't overwhelm the palate, but the lingering heat builds up with each succeeding bite. Aptly named, the Hot Chick teases your palate with her captivating charm until you reach a tipping point.

And when the heat gets you, have a drink by your side. And in Taiwan, it's tea and milk tea. Wash down the fiery heat from the Hot Chick with one of four refreshing beverages at Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken... the Grapefruit Green Tea (P 100), Orange Green Tea (P 100), Black Dragon (P 110) with brown sugar and pearls in Oolong tea and Green Dragon (P 110) with brown sugar and matcha. The creamy finish of milk and deep notes of tea does a pretty good job of suppressing the spices of the Hot Chick.

Craving for cheese? Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken has that covered too with their Signature Chee-Z (P 209) topped with creamy cheese and tomato sauce or special chili. 

The crunch and juicy texture of the chicken are given a silky smooth layer of creamy richness, punctuated by the tart notes of the tomato sauce. Or mildly spicy notes if you opt for the special chili sauce. The addition of cheese gives this chicken chop a whole different character. The confluence of global cuisines converge with inventive creations like this, and there's more...

Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken gets creative adding yet another flavorful twist to their fourth variant...

The Taiker (P 189) infuses familiar Japanese notes with a special sauce and a flavorful sprinkling of seaweed powder giving it a unique and distinctive green hue. The briny hints and subtle sweetness of the nori spins a whole different layer of flavor and it's a surprising combo that works. This one's my personal pick. Go classic, spicy, cheezy or Japanese, Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken has the chop for you.

Designed as a portable snack, you can take your Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken anywhere making it one of the popular street food staples back in Taiwan. If you prefer to dine in, you can relax as Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken follows all the latest health and safety protocols including frequent disinfection and social distancing. 

Got your jab? Good job then. And if you have your Vaccination Card, enjoy a special treat from Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken. 

The next day, I pulled out the Taiker from the ref and warmed it in the oven toaster for a few minutes. You can do the same thing in an oven or air fryer, and you still get to enjoy the juicy crispness of the Taiker. 

Perfectly crisp and juicy, perfect for those rainy day meals at home. For a taste of Taiwan's popular street food classics, you don't have to go far. The new normal may have placed all your travel plans on hold, but that doesn't mean you can't satisfy your cravings for a good chicken chop. Just head on over to Monga Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken for pick up or have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep.   

Monga Taiwanese Style fried Chicken is located at the Lower Ground Level of Mega A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong or call 0917 559 4888. You can also visit their FB Page at for more information and updates.

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