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Let's Get Crackin' with Succulent Crabs Conveniently Delivered to Your Table From Alimango House by Red Crab

Access to fresh quality seafood is now easier and more convenient in this new normal with the lavish offerings from Alimango House by Red Crab. A quick DM, Viber or online order is all it takes for the ultimate crab feast heading your way...

Transform your home dining experience with the plump and succulent crabs from Alimango House by Red Crab, conveniently delivered to your doorstep. And when you think about it, there's just no better place to enjoy fat crabs than in the comfort of your own home. From hearty local flavors to familiar Asian-inspired crab dishes, add Alimango House by Red Crab to your list of seafood options. And you'll be so glad you did.  

In step with the times...

Dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online transactions are just some of the emerging consumer habits that continue to define the challenging new normal. As more and more food businesses pivot and adapt to changing consumer habits due to the quarantine experience, customers are seeing many more options on the net including plump, succulent ready-to-eat crabs. 

All orders are packed in plastic trays sealed and secured by cling wrap protecting it from the elements and keeping your crabs fresh. The time of preparation is also indicated on the take-out containers. As concerns with the lingering pandemic remain, it's good to see Alimango House by Red Crab taking the extra step to keep your food safe. It's the little touches like this that go a long way in the new normal. 

Once you open the lid, the fragrant aroma and vibrant colors of the large crabs kickstarts your appetite, starting a chain of experiences all the way to the last piece and bite. Packed in 1 kg trays for two crabs all the way to 2.5 kg trays with five crabs, Alimango House by Red Crab makes any feast at home memorable and special. 

Two variants from Alimango House by Red Crab were delivered that day, the Crab Talipapa with crabs cooked in local rum and olive oil with dried fish flakes, crunchy garlic and cherry tomatoes...

...and the Chavacano Curry Crab draped in a thick and mildly sweet sauce infused with ginger and turmeric giving the dish a distinct flavor and color. 

The thick and creamy sauce of the Chavacano Curry Crab adds rich yet subtle notes without overpowering the delicate sweetness of the crabs for a perfectly balanced dish while the Crab Talipapa brings the bold smoky and mildly salty hints of tuyo and tinapa flakes into play enhancing the flavors of the fresh crabs. That's two crab dishes with its own unique flavor profile, and just perfect with steamed white rice.

Each order comes with a refreshing Ensalada with its mix of pickled vegetables, onions, tomatoes and salted red egg pairing well with the crab dishes of Alimango House by Red Crab. Sweet and mildly tart from the vinegar and tomatoes, the ensalada cleanses the palate and your ready for another round with your crab feast at home. 

Start crackin' and go crabbin'...

The crabs are already prepped and cracked to allow the sauce to be infused while making it easier for you to manhandle these tasty crustaceans. Slathered in the rich sauce, each bite brings the creamy notes of the ginger and turmeric based curry to the palate draping it with a lingering richness. The sauce just perfectly complements the crab. And it gets better with steamed white rice. 

The curry sauce brings both bright flavors and a silky smooth texture to the crabs, followed by the sweetness of the crab meat. The thick curry just transforms the crab into a lavish savory dish, with layers of subtle sweetness rounding out each tasty bite. You can still experience the fresh and clean flavors of the crab even with the curry bringing a briny sweetness to the palate.  

Part of the fun and experience of enjoying crabs at home is getting down and dirty while picking through the nooks and crevices for sweet crab meat. The size of the crabs are ideal, guaranteeing tasty morsels from every part of the crab. 

And those claws are for real, packed with the delicately sweet crab meat. The quality of these crabs from Alimango House by Red Crab are a cut above the usual supermarket variety guaranteeing a flavorful experience at home.

The subtle yet rich flavors of the Chavacano Curry Crab combine for an impressive dish from Alimango House by Red Crab, but there's one more crab dish to try...  

...the Crab Talipapa with dried fish flakes for another tasty combination. The crabs are cooked in olive oil and local rum for a flavorful base, with the sweetness of rum adding depth while the olive oil gives the succulent crabs are nutty finish. But it's the addition of tuyo and tinapa flakes along with crunchy garlic chips that sets this inventive crab dish apart with its colorful weave of flavors. 

The olive oil does the trick in keeping the crab meat succulent, with each bite delivering the delicate clean flavors of fresh crabs. The addition of dried fish flakes gives the crabs that smoky and mildly salty finishing kick for contrasting yet balanced flavors.

It's a combination I've never tried in a crab dish and it works. The crunchy garlic adds that final touch with its deep and aromatic notes. Enjoying crabs can be hard work but the savory richness of the Crab Talipapa will have you working happily through the crevices for the sweet crab meat.

Sweet with hints of garlic and rum followed by the smoky and salty notes of dried fish flakes and fresh tart notes of cherry tomatoes, the Crab Talipapa is both unique and satisfying with its palette of flavors. And just like the Chavacano Curry Crab, the delicate sweetness of the crab meat still punches through.

Bring out the bib, mallet and the seafood cracker or better yet, just get down and messy with your hands to enjoy this crab feast at home. And have some extra rice ready by your side.

Two very different crab dishes, but the common denominator remains the quality of the crabs. And platters of crabs at the table just makes the home dining experience so much more special. Alimango House by Red Crab can whip up your crab feast with their selection of crab trays with just a few taps on your mobile device.

Alimango House by Red Crab offers ten savory options to choose from featuring their specialty crabs including the Chavacano Curry Crab, Red Crab Sarsuela with mussels stewed in shrimp broth, herbs, fresh tomatoes and Spanish chorizo...

...the Crab Talipapa, Ms. Bea's Beehon Crab with rice noodles simmered in garlic ginger broth made even richer with milk and chorizo for their own version of the popular Singaporean dish...

...Crab in Malaysian Chili Kangkong cooked in herbs with nutty sesame oil, Typhoon Shelter with egg noodles and loads of garlic inspired by the Hong Kong classic, Raymund's Salt & Pepper Crab deep-fried with chili peppers...

...Toasted Coconut Crab simmered in coconut broth taking a page from local Bicolano cuisine and the Szechuan Crab with leeks and ginger. Crabs in ten flavorful ways, each one distinct from the other and masterfully prepared by Alimango House by Red Crab.

Ordering your crab feast from Alimango House by Red Crab is easy, with three convenient options. Order via DM on FB, Viber or online at Contactless payment options include credit card, PayMaya or bank transfer and your order will soon be on its way to you upon receipt of payment confirmation. Just like that in three easy steps. Easy.

If you're craving for fresh seafood, and succulent crabs in particular, Alimango House by Red Crab is a sure bet. And with ten flavorful and savory crab dishes to choose from, you can have your crabs your way.

Hungry? Get crackin' and start crabbin' with Alimango House by Red Crab...

For more on Alimango House by Red Crab, visit their FB Page at or call 0995 976 4314 for orders and inquiries. 

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