Monday, July 19, 2021

Healthier Options and Tasty Nibbles by The #BrothQueen at Kim King's Kitchen

The long days of quarantine allowed many of us to take a closer look at our lifestyle choices and with personal health now a priority in a lingering pandemic, it's about time we did. Natural, organic and a more conscious approach to what we eat is a good starting point. And Kim King's Kitchen shows you the way...

Widely known as Asia's one and only organic bone #BrothQueen as well as a certified Gut Health Coach and Skin Nutrition Specialist with a PN1 certification from the UK, Kim King is the metro's leading fasting-focused lifestyle advocate with her customized meal plans featuring her specialty bone broths. The success of her bone broths led to Kim King's Kitchen, a complete online store showcasing a wide variety of healthy options from meal plans to platters like Roasted Chicken and Crusted Salmon, snacks and condiments, beverages, cakes and pastries, organic meat and even pet nutrition products. Also a personal coach, Kim King and Kim King's Kitchen are ready to help you make that first step to a healthier lifestyle. 

The numerous nutritional benefits of bone broth to one's overall well-being just cannot be ignored, and Kim King's Kitchen lets you discover the possibilities at your own pace. Kim King's journey began back in 2010 when life experiences triggered her deep personal exploration into nutrition and health including a fasting-focused lifestyle. 

At the heart of her proprietary new diet is her collection of nourishing broths made from premium organic ingredients. From Amino Collagen to Beef & Chicken Mixed Broth, Pure Organic Beef Broth to Vegetable Herb Broth, Gut Elixir and Jello Broth in bottles, jars and vacuum sealed bags, Kim King's Kitchen is your source for products and information on a healthier lifestyle (for more on Kim Kin's Kitchen's extensive range of products, visit her online store at and check out the testimonials).

A personal journey that began a little more than a decade ago has grown and blossomed into a successful operation bannered by her very own online store with Kim King's Kitchen. From her collection of premium organic bone broths, Kim King's Kitchen now offers a wide variety of products guided by her nutritional philosophy including some tasty bites...

...that's perfect for snacking at home. Made from premium all-natural and organic ingredients, these flavorful and healthy bites are an essential to any home pantry. 

"Eat Like You Love Yourself."

Eating healthy doesn't mean bland or boring flavors. The first step to your own personal journey is to replace processed snacks with real food, like the Party Nuts with pecans, almonds and macadamia nuts draped in a blend of cumin, cayenne pepper, ground black pepper, honey, unsalted butter from grass-fed cow's milk and Himalayan salt. The deep, rich and nutty sweetness of pecans, almonds and macadamia nuts are elevated with the contrasting spice blend, honey, butter and premium Himalayan salt. The flavors just pop in your mouth with each bite.

The 55% Dark Chocolate Dried Fruits and Nuts is another tasty and healthy snacking option with real fruits and nuts draped in luscious chocolate. The natural sweetness of dried fruits and crunch of assorted nuts pair perfectly with dark chocolate. And this may be hard to believe, but you just feel really good after a few bites. And that's the difference between real and processed food.

The crisp Garlic Crostini is your anytime, anywhere snack made from sourdough baguette with unsalted butter, olive oil and garlic. Top it with your favorite tapenade or spread, and you're good. 

Or try it with their luxurious Cashew Butter for that indulgent finish. And once you start, you just can't stop. All-natural with absolutely no artificial ingredients, this is as real as it gets. And one dab and bite are all you need to appreciate the difference. Each bite drapes the palate with a natural richness as hints of nutty cashew lingers with an elegant silky smoothness.

Cashews just bring a more delicate even nuanced flavor profile rounded out by a creamy finish and subtle sweetness. In keeping with the new normal, do not double dip. At least when you're not sharing this, which you'll most likely do after one bite.

Life always presents choices, and it's these choices that determine and define the rest of the journey. Choosing a healthier path is never easy, but Kim King's Kitchen offers a wide variety of excellent products to help you get started. 

As the new normal continues to transform and reshape our daily routine with new consumer habits emerging from the quarantine experience like dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage, it's also the perfect time to re-evaluate our choices. A healthier lifestyle is now more than ever the smarter route to take with the lingering pandemic. Take small steps, and feel your way through. Just let Kim King and Kim King's Kitchen show you the way... 

For more on Kim King's Kitchen, visit their site and online store at You can also visit their FB Page at and IG Feed at @kimkingskitchen for more updates. 

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